Sunday, December 11, 2011

Work Christmas Party

Last night was my work Christmas party and we had a great time!  Everyone wanted us to bring Hudson, but I was a little worried - I didn't want him to cry and stress me out and ruin the evening.  Thankfully he did GREAT!  He was a perfect little angel.  Of course, he had lots of people holding and cuddling him, so why wouldn't he be content?  The party was at my doctor's house and we had so much fun.  Their house was decorated beautifully.  I wish I had gotten pictures of all of their decorations.  Dr C had a catering company serve us and the food was delicious!  We exchanged ornaments and then had a white elephant gift exchange.  I'm so thankful for my job and the people I work with - they're all wonderful! 

Here are a few pictures of us before we left for the party -  I didn't realize until after we got home that I didn't have the flash on, so the picture quality isn't very good
Lane and Hudson - she rocked Hudson for at least an hour and he just stared at her in amazement
Kathryn and William
Skip, Carol, Hudson, Vaughn, Robbie, Kari, Lane, Camille, and Chris
John, Cheryl, Shawn, Nova, Brittany, and Wes
Vaughn and Camille
Shawn, Nova, Carol, Brittany, Skip, Hudson, Wes, Me, and Vickie
Dr C - Amazing doctor and great to work for
Hudson in his cute little suit from Grandma Mary - I love the little penguin

Such a fun evening!

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