Friday, March 30, 2012

Spring in the South

Spring is not my favorite season (summer is because of the heat), but I love spring in the south.  The flowers and colors are so beautiful and the air has such an amazing scent.  Spring has been wonderful this year- 70-80 degrees.  I keep reminding myself not to get too attached because we could still end up with a snowstorm.  A few years ago in April, Brian and I went on vacation and left Lexington in shorts and when we flew back it was 32 degrees and snowing.  Poor Brian had to scrape the car in shorts and a tee shirt while I waited with the luggage in the airport.  We got some weird looks.  It didn't even occur to us to think about bringing warm clothes.  
Love the pond and tulips in this first picture

Our house - wish  I had chosen a sunny day - looks dreary

Weeping Cherry in the front of our house
Beautiful sunsets
Loving the warmer weather!!


  1. Spring is my favorite! I love how God shows off His creativity!

  2. pretty! I only know about a handful of people that love the heat. I've lived in N Dallas and now I live in Tucson and I really really can't stand anything above 95 degrees especially humidity. Honestly when it becomes hot here I get depressed. It makes me feel like a prisoner because I can't enjoy being outdoors because it's just way too hot plus heat and humidity give me headaches so I also have to stock up on Advils and sometimes excedrin. My favorite season is Autumn, then Winter, Spring and Summer. Maybe once I move back to San Diego I will like summers once again :)


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