Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Warmer Day

Today was in the upper 60's so we took advantage of getting out and having fun.  Brian has been working a lot lately, but came home at normal time today, so we took Hudson to the park in our neighborhood and he had a lot of fun exploring.
Mr. Independent headed for the swings.
Little guy loves swinging
After swinging we headed up to the tennis courts to let Hudson run around, but he was more interested in picking up leaves and rocks and handing them to us.
Such a happy little guy.
Today I decided to memorize 1 bible verse a week for the year.  Since I'm late getting started, I have to memorize 3 verses this week.  I'm sort of cheating - I already have the first two verses memorized, but I sometimes forget the book of the bible that they're from, so I figured this will help me remember.

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  1. Aww, Hudson is super cute! All the stuff he's into right now brought back memories of when Riley became fascinated with rocks.

    You know what? Glad I found your blog because when you post bible verses it's like a nudge for me to go and get my bible or womens devotionals. Having three kids, all in different age brackets is quite challenging ... not to mention everything else a wife and a mom has to do around the house. So, keep posting those verses and thanks.


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