Friday, January 4, 2013

Still Catching Up

Last Saturday was Christmas Round Two.
We got a few more inches on Friday, so we went back out for a few more minutes of fun.
Brittney, Cooper and Chris
I think this should be their Christmas card next year
Poor Cooper had enough and was ready to go back in
I didn't see the horse on Hudson's head until just now.
Grandpa and his boys
Love these two little guys!
Just chllin in the box
Hudson loved the little babyMichael and Melissa
Showing off Cooper's Mini Cooper made by Grandpa - so cool!
Hudson's Hudson.  I had no idea his name was a racing car from 1909 to 1954.  Once we had a person ask us if we got the name from the movie Cars and we said no.  We had no idea there was a car in the movie named Doc Hudson.  --It's funny that Chris and Brittney and Brian and I named our boys after cars.  -What a special gift!
The drive home was beautiful!  I couldn't take enough pictures
Our back yard - we were surprised when we got home and had snow.
Shot out our front door
I love the way the lights look underneath the snow
We had an amazing two weeks!  I love Christmas!  

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  1. All that snow ... how fun! Hudson and Cooper are so cute!


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