Monday, December 31, 2012

So Much Fun

Thursday was such a fun day!  It was pretty close to perfect.  We met my parents for breakfast, visited with Julie and Kaitlyn, visited with Brad, Sheri, Addie, and Drew, and then Chris, Brittney and Cooper flew in from Texas.  We packed in as much as we could.  The roads were a sheet of ice in the morning, but cleared up by the afternoon.  

The best picture we could get with our little ones.  Hudson is obsessed with kitchen utensils, bowls, pots and pots.  He did drop the pot, but wouldn't give up the spoon. -Love these two girls so much!
We stopped at Brad and Sheri's house after we left Julie's.  Addie is the sweetest and most precious little girl.  She's such a bright little light.  She loved Hudson and kept taking his picture.
Love this family so much!
Chris, Brittney, and Cooper arrived about 4 pm.  Here is one of our many attempts to get pictures of the boys.  Once again, Hudson wouldn't give up the spoon.
Hudson is not real big on sitting still these days.  Cooper was a little angel and sat still.  The boys have such opposite personalities.

Trying to take the spoon away ended with tears, so we gave the spoon back.  Kaitlyn thinks Hudson is crazy!
Picture attempt  #300 
Attempt #400
One of the best days of the year!!

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