Friday, December 21, 2012

Christmas Baking

Hudson was having a total breakdown today for some reason when I was getting ready (Brian was playing with him and nothing was making him happy), so I quit getting ready and decided to let him help me make some brownies and cookies. He really is learning things so quickly these days and loves being my little helper.  
Hudson helped me pour in the water and oil
Helped Brian mix the ingredients
Helped add chocolate chips
After Hudson's nap,we decided to have homemade pizzas for lunch
Hudson helped roll out his dough
 He's really becoming my little sous chef
The finished product - spinach pizza (I know, not one of the better pizzas, but I wanted him to have a vegetable) --First time trying pizza and he loved it!!!
We woke up to snow today -it was so pretty
Me and my little guy


  1. Awww, it looks like you guys had a fun night! Sydney loves helping us cook! I can't wait for her to get her little kitchen from my mom for Christmas!!!

  2. What a fun day! The picture of him with the rolling pin made me laugh. Too cute! and you look great!! Love your sweater.


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