Saturday, July 5, 2014

Happy 4th

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday.  I love Summer, precious family time, cookouts, time with friends, and fireworks.  We had an amazing day.  Happy Birthday, America!!
Our last picture as a family of 3?
Our neighborhood has a fun parade for all the kids.  Amanda and Chris let Hudson ride in their decked out wagon.  The boys were pretty subdued, just taking everything in, but we know they had a blast.  The 4th is Alex's birthday - I think that would be just about the best birthday possible.  
A firetruck showed up to start the parade, all the kids were super excited.
The day couldn't have been any nicer.  I think it was 70 degrees when we started and ended the parade.
All the kids got popsicles at the end  
The firemen were so nice and let all the kids explore their truck.  
Sweet picture of the boys.
Later in the day, we went over to some friend's house for a cookout.  I made a flag cookie cake.
Derek set up their bounce house for the kids to play in, and they probably spent a total of two hours in there jumping.  
Cutie Emalyn wore her princess dress the whole time.
After we left our friend's house, we went downtown and watched the fireworks.  
Sweet memories were made.  

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  1. nice. How far along are you now? looks like you're carrying low. can't wait to see pictures of baby boy!


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