Monday, July 21, 2014

What We've Been Up To

We're surviving and doing pretty well so far - better than I expected.  Our first family picture.  We had a hard time getting Hudson to cooperate
This picture cracks me up - Brian looks drunk/tired, Hudson looks mad, and Beckett and I are the only ones looking happy.
Hudson reading to Beckett.  We've had to be really careful with Beckett because Hudson developed a cold the day before Beckett was born, so we've been trying to keep him from hugging, kissing and holding Beckett too much.  Hudson has been so in love with Beckett and so proud. 
Grandma and Grandpa got to come for a visit last weekend - they didn't stay nearly long enough.
I love pictures of babies yawning - they look so sweet
Beckett has been a really cool, laid back, easy baby so far.  I really pray he stays that way.
We've been trying to play with and read to Hudson as much as possible and remind him that he is our favorite 2 year old.  Here they are showing me how big their lego statue was.
Brian went back to work today.  Thankfully my Mom is here for a while to help out.  She arrived yesterday and has already been a huge help.  

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  1. love Beckett's curled toes. So cute! and Hudson looks so handsome.


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