Friday, July 18, 2014


Beckett Alexander decided he wanted to meet us a little earlier than planned.

All day Friday the 11th I just didn't feel the best and by the time Brian got home from work about 4:30 I started having some contractions.   I started drinking a lot of water and laid down on the couch.  Around 7, I texted our neighbors and friends a heads-up of what was going on.  I was still in denial, but wanted to have a plan just in case we needed to leave.  Finally, about 9:30 Brian said, "We need to go to the hospital, it's been 5 hours and you're just getting worse."  I texted Amanda and she came right over and spent the night, thankfully Hudson was in bed and fast asleep.  We got to the hospital a little before 10 and sure enough, I was contracting pretty regularly and in labor.  Of course, my doctor was in South Carolina and wouldn't be back until late Saturday night, so the OB doctor on call took over.   They gave me 3 different meds and a couple of liters of fluid to try and slow things down since I had food and water in stomach.  Thankfully they helped a little and I was able to take a couple of cat naps and then finally around 7:30, she decided that I should probably go ahead and have the c-section.  What they didn't tell me is that she wanted to delay things a little also because my Hemoglobin was 8.6 and I had a hemorrhage the last time, so she wanted another MD in the OR with her in case I hemorrhaged again (my doctor told me that Sunday morning).  The c-section went great and Beckett was born at 8:09 am.  He's a big boy 8lbs 8oz and 20.5".

All ready so in love with this little guy
So thankful for a smooth delivery
2/3 of my favorite guys
My parent's arrived about noon on Saturday to take Hudson over from Amanda and they came to the hospital a little while later.  Hudson was instantly in love with his little brother.  I thought he might be shy and scared, but he was so excited and so in love.
I think he was about to jump at the crib in this picture - Brian ran over and grabbed him just in time.
Hudson loved checking out Beckett and holding him.
We decided to buy a present from the baby to give to Hudson.  We bought him a nice little watch and Hudson was so happy.
So proud to show off his new present.
Hudson and Grandpa showing each other their watches.

One of my favorite pictures
My Dad trying to send a text
Saturday afternoon I started itching terribly from the spinal - the only things that seemed to help was a cold, wet cloth and a shower.  
Hudson was obsessed with Baby Beckett's pacifier his 2nd day of life.
By the second day, we were more than ready to get home.  I barely got any sleep in the hospital.  It was a tempur pedic bed, but I was so uncomfortable and exhausted.  
Here's the little guy all ready to go home.
So thankful for a healthy baby.  Our hearts are overflowing.  He really is a sweet, laid back guy so far.  Hudson comes back today.  We're so excited to see him again.  We've really missed him, but it was such a huge help having some time to try and rest with the new baby.  


  1. Oh my gosh Ashley! Congratulations. He's so precious. Thank God everything went well. Very happy for you and your family.

  2. Awww, he is adorable! I am so happy that everything went so well!

  3. Oh my goodness, I'm so behind!! Congratulations!! He is so adorable and love all the pictures with Hudson and Beckett! Hope you're feeling well!


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