Friday, November 14, 2014


We vacationed with my parents in Florida back in October and had a blast!  The weather was perfect and no crowd whatsoever.  I think October may be our new favorite time to go.  Warning!  Picture overload.
Ahh...just so gorgeous and peaceful!
We had lunch at Sharky's one day.  Yum!!!
Beckett wearing Grandpa's Colts hat.
We were always one of the first people out on the beach.

Love this picture of my little guy
Love this picture of two of my boys
Hudson dug a hole that he enjoyed falling into
Enjoying a little couch time after lunch
Vacationing with a 3 month old was not that easy, but we still had a blast.  
Hudson caught a little fish in his bucket and was so proud of himself - poor fish got squished to death
Brian, Hudson and my Dad trying out the boogie board
Family beach picture attempt
Dinner at Pineapple Willy's.  We had a delicous dinner on the pier
Love this picture of Beckett, Brian and my Dad
Crazily, we ended up in Florida the same time as two of our best friends from Indiana.  We were able to meet up for lunch and hang out for a couple of hours.  It was such a sweet little blessing seeing them.  Drew, Addie, Sheri, and Brad -we love you all!!!
I really wish I had gotten a little better picture -looks a little foggy.
My Dad floated around the pool with Beckett
So Gorgeous
View from our condo
I Love Florida!
We played miniature golf one day.  
Real looking fake crocodiles at mini-golf
Yearly beach photos
My sweet parents
Not so great picture of Beckett

My parent's watched the boys one night for us and we got to take a nice date.  We ate at an amazing waterfront restaurant.  Brian got the lobster mac and cheese and it was so delicious and I got the lobster and it was also delicious.
Snuggling with my little guy
Dinner with my parents.  Hudson was super excited to get his picture taken.
The outdoor mall had a mini-theme park.  We took Hudson on the ferris wheel and he loved it.
Then, my dad and I took Hudson on the scrambler and he LOVED it!!
We had a great vacation!


  1. Looks like fun! You look great, Ash!

  2. So cool. Another great vacation. You look so pretty ... and Hudson has gotten so big, so has Beckett.


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