Thursday, November 20, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday!


Happy 3rd Birthday!  We hope you have a great day!  You are so full of life and spunk.  You've kept us on our toes these past 3 years.  You have such a kind, sweet heart with a bit of stubbornness in there, too, well, more than a bit.   You love playing with us and having our attention.  You love to help me cook and clean and you love to help your Daddy build and fix things.   You adore your Daddy and love every minute that you're around him.  You love being our little helper.  You love arts and crafts and painting.  You love school and have learned so much.  You have memorized Proverbs 3:5 and Psalm 46:10.  You like walks and playing outside, especially playing with bubbles, the hose, your swing set, and swimming.  You are nearly potty trained, except for nighttime.  You ask a lot of questions - "Where is God?  Where is heaven?  How does Jesus live in your heart?  Why doesn't Jesus wear shoes?  Will you be sad when I'm big? ..."  You make us laugh daily.  Your love language is physical touch and quality time, you love to be kissed and hugged and spending all your time with us.  You sleep about 11.5 hrs at night and have dropped you nap, which makes me sad.  You have been such a great big brother and love Beckett so much.  We're so proud of how you have adapted to having a new person in the house.  We pray that you two will be best friends.  We're so thankful for you and pray for you daily.  We know God has big plans for you.   

You had a Captain America/Superheros themed party at Gigi and Grandpa's house.   It was fun planning it.

Yummy cupcakes and snacks
Grandpa and Gigi made and decorated the cupcakes - they were so cute!!!

Eating the frosting first, a boy after my own heart
Present time!

Family picture

Some Outtakes:
Being shy
"Mommy, look!  A plane!"
"No, I don't have my hands in my pants."
"Am I done, yet?"
Happy Birthday, Sweet Boy!  We love you!  


  1. Happy Birthday Hudson! I love frosting too.

  2. Cute pictures! Happy birthday, Hudson!


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