Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Beckett's 1st Day of School

Yesterday was Beckett's 1st day of school.  We prayed for him to have a great day and to learn a lot this year.  Can't believe my little guy is starting school.  He did great at drop off and pick up.
Pictures were HARD!  Why can't anyone just look at me and have a normal smile?  Although, I love the excitement on his face in this pic.

This picture shows his true personality - shy but a little ornery.  
I couldn't get him to keep his tongue in his mouth.  I know I sounded like a crazy person to everyone walking by "Put your tongue back in your mouth.  Smile please.  Hold still.  Hold the sign still.  Don't touch your hair.  Please smile.  Okay, just look at the camera." 
Hudson was SUPER excited to be in the pic, not sure what I was thinking with my hair.
Everyone was done by this point.  So much for a nice picture with Daddy.  Hudson looks like he's on something, Beckett looks like he wants to punch Brian, and Brian is thinking "Can I please just go to work?"
Just keepin' it real.  

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  1. Last picture definitely had me laughing. They are all great pics!


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