Saturday, August 6, 2016

Summer Vacay

We just got back from the BEST WEEK EVER!  Instead of Florida, we decided to go to Gatlinburg, TN.  We decided it would be easier and closer since we have a 3 month old.  We were nervous that it wasn't going to be as fun, but it ended up being a blast!
This is a view from our balcony - the left side and the right side

This is what Beckett did about a thousand times.  He jumped and jumped and jumped off the side of the pool.
He also loved being thrown in the pool
Hudson just swimming around

My niece Jasmine loved being thrown in the water
Hudson loved swimming around - he did not want to be thrown or jump in the pool
My family
There was a creek behind our condo, and Brian let Hudson play in it 
We had gorgeous sunsets nearly every night
We could sit on our balcony and watch the Dollywood fireworks every night.  They put on a great show EVERY NIGHT.  
We hiked a 1.2 mile round trip trail and it took about 2 hours.  It was really pokey, but fun.   Hudson had his map to help us
Hudson taking photos with his tablet
Not sure where the peace sign came from

Looking for bears or foxes or squirrels - Hudson loved that map

My boys!
That tiny waterfall in the background was the end of our hike.  

Creek time fun again on the way back
My niece Jasmine and Emmie Kate
Hudson and Jasmine became really good buddies on this trip

We went to the aquarium one afternoon and they gave the boys those silly hats - I'm not sure what they're supposed to be

Grandpa and Beckett
There was a cute mermaid show and all the kids were screaming "A real, live mermaid!!!" and were in heaven watching them.
There was a moving sidewalk to watch all the fish and after about 10 minutes, the kids just sat down.

Leaving the aquarium - it ended up being way cooler than I expected
The next day we drove through the park and had to stop and take pictures with the sign
We walked to the creek
We had to retake the picture since the first guy that took our picture cut out the left side of the sign
We drove up to Newfound Gap - it's so gorgeous

It was 75 degrees up there, way better than the 95 degrees 4000 feet lower

The boys were over pictures
Later that day we did pictures with a photographer.  It was about 95 degrees and 90% humidity.  My hair kept getting frizzier and frizzier
After pictures we let the kids throw rocks and wade in the water

Afterwards, we stopped for some ice cream

Grandpa and his little buddy Beckett
The next day we went to Ober-Gatlinburg - a fun little amusement park with a fun tram up the mountain.   Hudson and I did the Alpine sled together.  We had to take the ski lift further up the mountain

Here's a pic from the lift- we had a blast on the ride
Beckett and Brian rode the slide together and had fun

Shot from inside the tram 
The next day we started our day at The Pancake Pantry - a delicious breakfast place we've always gone to

The Village in Gatlinburg - fun little shops
Walking around
The next day Brian took Hudson to the go kart track
They had a lot of fun rides for kids - Hudson and Jasmine loved this ride, but their favorite was the roller coaster.  They became such great little buddies on this trip, they were so cute together

Such a fun vacation with lots and lots of things to do.  


  1. How fun! Love the sunset picture!!

  2. What a fun trip. Beckett's cheesy smile is the cutest! Looks gorgeous there but I bet it's even more breathtaking in Fall. That would be something that we would like to do. Who knows, maybe I'll plan that same trip in a couple of years. {haven't really been blogging much lately. I'm still working on my road trip pics}

  3. This sounds like so much fun! TN looks so beautiful! I might need to put that on my bucket list! :)


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