Thursday, April 29, 2010

Our Pets

This top pictures are of our sweet girl, Peyton. She is shy, but loves, loves, loves to chase after tennis balls and treats. She is always up for going on a walk or going to the dog park. We adopted her when she was about 8 weeks old. She was this tiny little puppy, about 5 pounds, now she is about 28 pounds. She is almost 3 years old. We have worked hard at training her and she is wonderful. She listens so well that we can take her outside with us without a leash and not have to worry about her leaving the yard. We love how excited she gets when we get home from work, she jumps around and whines and is so happy. She is my little "Walter Peyton Manning" girl.

The bottom two pictures are of our sweet little dog, Charlie. He is such a cuddler. He wants to be held and petted all the time. He loves being out in the sun. When we are out working in the yard, we tie him up and he has an absolute blast. We think Charlie is about 3 years old. Unfortunately he has had a rough life. He has 3 pellets stuck in him where someone shot him, and then someone dumped him. He was starving when he was actually picked up and taken to a shelter. Since we've had him, he has been attacked by a dog and ended up with a ruptured disc and had to have back surgery. And even through all of his trauma, he is such a fun, sweet guy - Brian's "good little buddy."

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