Sunday, August 29, 2010

Golf date

Brian and I went to church last night so we could go to the driving range this morning.  We had a great time just messing around. 

The Kearney Hills Clubhouse is really pretty. 

Nice rockers to sit back and enjoy the view

I so do not look like a golfer.  
Some things I learned from today: 
1.  I like getting out and hitting some balls, but I am a terrible golfer. 
2.  I look stupid in hats, esp a Purdue hat. 
3.  I need to eat before any activity in the morning - by the time we were done, I was ravenous.  
4.  .  I need to concentrate more.  I was more consumed with people watching and the views than playing. 
5. When I play again, I really need an outfit.  The University of Kentucky Women's Golf Team was next to us on the driving range in their cute outfits and I looked like a hillbilly trying to hit balls. 


  1. SO fun! Glad you enjoyed it! And don't worry about the hat... everyone looks stupid in Purdue hats! : ) You'll play better in an IU hat!

  2. That’s an awesome date! You’re still pretty even with your Purdue hat on. You should really eat before playing golf or any other activity so you will have energy and won’t get tired easily. My girlfriend and I usually spend our time playing golf, and she’s also loves it! She’s actually learning the techniques pretty quick. Concentrate and practice your swings, and you’re good to go.


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