Sunday, June 3, 2012


Yesterday Brian and I decided to take Hudson to the Arboretum in Lexington and we had a great time.  The garden was beautiful and then we walked around the trail.  It's so pretty and peaceful and everyone was so friendly.  
My big boy sitting by himself
My hair has been in a ponytail since Hudson has been born because it's easy and mainly because, if he sees it, he goes for it and really pulls it.  Someday (hopefully soon) he'll understand no and I'll be able to wear it down again. 
I added socks to his outfit because the temp was only upper 60's/lower 70's
I love that this park is in the middle of the city - you feel like you're in the country
Brian tired of me taking pictures and walking away
Momma bird sitting on her nest
Hudson loved every minute of the walk

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  1. what a neat arboretum and i definitely wouldn't mind low 70's here. You guys are even wearing long sleeves! so cool!


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