Sunday, June 24, 2012

Guest Post

Hi, there!  It's me, Hudson and I'm filling in today.  Mom is busy, so I thought I'd do some blogging for her.  Life has been great lately now that  I can move.   I have even started pulling myself up.  I'm so proud of myself every time  I do it.  

Grandpa and Nana came for a visit last week and we had a blast!  Grandpa does all kinds of fun things with me.  He lets me ride on his shoulders.  I don't look thrilled, but I really was having a good time.

He lets me crawl all over him.

We even went swimming Kentucky style - cut off jean shorts.  Oh, Grandpa!   I loved the hose.  I kept trying to catch the water.  

He played with me after my bath

Nana fed me a lime and boy was it sour!!  I kept going back to it expecting the taste to get better, but it never did.  

On Saturday I went swimming with my friend Madison.  Isn't she cute?   I dig the older ladies.

That's me chewing on the "community" ball.  Hey, if it gets near me, it's going in my mouth.

It's been a really fun week.  Hope next week is even better.

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