Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy 7 months


I'm not sure how much you weigh, but I'm guessing 17 1/2 pounds.
A lot has changed from last month.  You sit really well on your own, but it scares you every time you fall over.  You are officially doing a form crawling and into everything!!  I am constantly grabbing you to keep you from chewing on the dog's bed, the carpet, cords, strings, and anything else you can get your mouth on.
You are jabbering a lot these days - saying da da da da da da,  na na na na, mum mum mum. You still love blowing raspberries.

You love your little pool and splashing around.
You caught your first little virus last month.  Thankfully it was only 3 days that you weren't feeling well, but it was a long 3 days for your mom and dad.
You are wearing 6-9 month clothes mostly, but still a few 3-6 months.
You are still eating a lot!  You still take 5 bottles per day. I stopped breastfeeding last month, it makes me sad that I gave up, but I'm glad we made it that far.  You are eating cereal in the am and a fruit and vegetable at lunch, and a fruit and vegetable in the evening.   I am still preparing everything.   You are eating avocados, sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots, peas, and puffs.  I've started giving you a sippy cup and so far you're not too fond of it, you haven't figured out how to get the water out.  I have been pouring water in your mouth and you really like the taste.
You are still wearing a size 3 diaper.  Diaper changes have been difficult lately, you want to flip over on your stomach every time we change you and we have to nearly wrestle you to flip you back over and keep you on  your back.  We're both usually sweating by the time we're done.    
You still like Sophie the giraffe and anything else you can chew on.  You like your walker, but overall, your favorite thing is being able to move.  You love moving!
The weather has still been great so we have been able to get out and walk pretty regularly and you love it.  You love looking at everything.  You love sitting on our deck with us and watching the birds, that is about the only time you'll just sit and relax on our laps. 

You love trying to chase after the dogs.
You still really like being held but still want to stand all the time.
We're wondering if you're starting to experience some separation anxiety, you occasionally cry when we leave the room.
Your eyes still look like a deep blue color, but we are starting to see some grey also.
Your hair is blonde.

You are sleeping about 11 1/2 hours per night.   You go to sleep pretty easily, thankfully.  You stay awake 2-3 hours at a time now.  Naps are still awful right now, you are still taking 3 per day.  You have only been napping 35 min at a time.  A few times per week you will sleep 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 hours - I'm ready for that to become normal.  For a few weeks now, you have been sleeping on your side or stomach.  Sometimes you really scare me because you will be on your stomach face down and occasionally your knees will be tucked up under your stomach with your bottom in the air- it's really cute, but I don't like seeing you face down.  We're thankful for the Angel Care monitor.  

Yesterday we just noticed your first tooth popping up (your bottom left) - made me realize that you won't be a baby forever :(
This past month was the most fun we've had with you.  You have been so happy.  I really do believe it is because you are moving. 

You are so active.

Love this picture of you

You are our sweet, precious gift from God.
We love you!  Happy 7 months

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  1. Such cute pictures Ashley. I especially loved the one where he's standing up looking out the window. he looks so cute in his shortalls.

    Happy 7 months little guy.


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