Friday, August 24, 2012

Gatlinburg Days 3,4 & 5

Warning:  Picture overload.  I took a lot more pictures than this, but wanted to get the main ones on here.  We had such a great time - it was hard to not include everything.

Day 3
Sunday morning we got up early and headed for a park in North Carolina for the reunion picnic.  The drive was just beautiful.  Sunday was also Mary's birthday, so we stopped and picked up a cake. 
At the park
Beautiful mountain stream
The fam -the tall guy in the back is Brian's uncle and he played ball at Indiana University in the early 70's.  It was fun to talk IU basketball with him.
Mary brought a fun game to play - ladder something or other.  We were all awful at it.
We stopped at a lookout on our way back to the hotel - Hudson was awake, but peaceful in the van, so we didn't want to get him out and then make him get right back in his car seat.

Day 4
We all ate breakfast at a pancake place again -the food wasn't as good as the first place, but the views were so pretty
We tried a Davy Crockett raccoon hat on Hudson and he immediately wanted it off
Brian's parents were leaving to go back home, so we wanted one more family picture
After Hudson's nap we decided to go into the park and check out the views and hike.  The park is what I love best about Gatlinburg.This park is the most visited park in the United States and it really is so gorgeous. 
We drove up to Newfound Gap - you can see Tennessee and North Carolina.  It was a gorgeous clear day.  It was 72 degrees at the base of the mountain, but only 60 degrees at the gap.
We decided to hike to Laurel Falls.  It was only 2.6 miles round trip, but had a pretty steady incline the whole way there.  Hudson loved riding in the back pack.
The falls- so pretty.
You can't tell, but there was a really steep drop behind us
Love this picture of my little guy - he enjoyed sticking his toes in the cold mountain water
I carried Hudson part of the way back down the hill - I wanted to try out the back pack, too.  -It wasn't until this picture that we realized Hudson could pop up this high if he wanted to, so we tightened him back in. 

Day 5
I thought this bear was cute, so I wanted to get a picture with Hudson riding it.  This was right before we left
Brian's sister took this picture the morning after we left- bear tracks.  A bear decided to check things out at our hotel.  Thankfully he didn't do any damage and went back home.
We had such a fun trip.  We hated for it to end - we had been looking forward to it since about Christmas time. 

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  1. Awesome, just awesome!!! the views are SO pretty! now could you imagine how prettier it'll be once Fall comes around? Several years ago we went on a road trip to NC and drove through the Smoky's in November. My God! It's THE most beautiful drive I have EVER been on. We stopped at the Smoky Mountain visitors center. It is such breathtaking beauty. I hope we get to make that drive again in the future but this time I too want to stop at the national park and maybe stay in a cabin for a couple of days.

    Your trip was totally awesome!


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