Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fall Pictures

Pictures are a little difficult with an 11 month old, but even harder doing them by yourself.  I used the self timer on all these pictures.  I had big plans to do fun fall pictures with a photographer, but just ran out of time and then peak leaf weekend hit -plus, we will be busy the next 4 weekends in a row, so I just wanted them done, so I did them myself.   I still have a lot to learn about all the settings and lighting, so I was a little disappointed with some of the color quality, photoshop helped a little.

Love this one of my boys
  This one cracks me up
Love this little guy!
Caught a sweet moment of Brian playing with Hudson while I was messing with the settings
Timer went off before we were ready, but it turned out kind of cute, anyway
Messing around trying to get Hudson to smile
We tried a while later- after nap time, but Hudson really wasn't interested
Me and my baby
Hudson was still not interested
 One final picture to wrap the day
Oh, well, maybe we'll have better luck next year


  1. Very cute pictures! Kaylee won't look at the camera either, much less smile for pictures.

  2. I bet it was Really hard to get all of these great pictures on your own! But you really did an amazing job! They are all so adorable!!!

  3. I think they're great and looked like fun but I'm sure it probably was a bit overwhelming. I want outdoor family pictures too but not with the desert landscape ... not my style at all!


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