Friday, October 19, 2012

Flashback Friday

It's been a while since I have embarrassed myself or others on here.  I dug out some old photos -these are all pictures of pictures so the quality is pretty bad.

My brother and I making sugar cookies for Christmas-love the curtains and I'm not sure what is hanging in the corner

My California girls - Jen and Jesy

Mr. Vanderkolk's 12th grade English class - such a great teacher!  He was one of my favorites.  I was sad to learn that he passed away of cancer a few months back.  (I'm back right with a red and white striped shirt with a jean shirt over it) - Amanda's Thompson Tigers shirt cracks me up

70's day at school -and this picture quality makes it look as if it was taken in the 70's
Mandy, Kami, Kim, Me, Brad, and Zane

Mandy, Jenna Lee, Haley, and Me

VBS - ?year/maybe 3rd or 4th grade

Katie, Carley, Me, Megan, Aubrey and Stephanie - I think this was the last day of school sophomore year
Such fun memories!


  1. yeah, I'm sure you're friends just loved seeing pictures from high school, lol.
    You're brave. I wouldn't dare post any from my high school years. I looked horrible!
    it's always funny to see how we all dressed in middle and high school though.

    1. gosh, i hate when i misspell words. meant to write your not you're. ugh!


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