Friday, October 5, 2012

The Pumpkin Patch

Hudson and I visited Boyd's Orchard today with my Mom's Group. It was a perfect day, in the 70's.  Hudson had a blast and loved looking at everything. 
I am looking forward to the day he is big enough to go down that slide - I think he'll have a blast. 
A slightly smaller slide for even younger kids - Poor Hudson was even too small for that one.
We went on a fun hayride and Hudson just sat quietly on my lap and took everything in.  He never just sits still on my lap, so he must have really been curious. 
Just chillin' during the ride - I didn't know if he'd sit quietly or not, so I gave him his paci to start with, but he did so great I took it away from him (I usually only give him his paci when he's sleeping or in the car).
The petting zoo and super happy kids.
Hudson LOVED the petting zoo!  He kept giggling and laughing when the animals would lick his fingers. 
Hudson saw the other kids feeding the animals so he was looking for something to give them, also.  He tried giving them grass, but they weren't interested.  I didn't think to bring cash with me, so I couldn't buy any food to let him feed them.
Little guy loves swinging!
"Mom, will you buy this one for me, please?"
Alex and Hudson trying to figure out what the excitement is over a pumpkin.
Quick photo of the two of us
Amanda and Alex - he was a little too busy to be sitting on mom's lap
Random picture, I know, but, there is a castle right outside of Lexington that we drove by so I wanted to snap a picture of it.  It's kind of shocking every time I see it. 
We had a lot of fun, but I was sad Brian wasn't there.  He would have loved watching Hudson take it all in.  We hope to make it to another orchard in the next couple of weeks -I'm dying to buy apples and apple doughnuts, and cider and more pumpkins. 


  1. What is the castle? Mom

  2. Love the smile on his face. Mom again

  3. Looks like such a neat pumpkin patch. Hudson is such a cute little boy.


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