Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy 11 months


You are 11 months old today.
You weigh about 21 lbs

Pictures were really difficult again this month - you're just too busy.

I really feel like you just kind of exploded this past month on things you learned.  You know to point to your nose when we say, "Where's your nose?" and poke yourself in your eye when we say, "Where are your eyes?".  You like to brush your own hair.  You like to throw a ball back and forth.  Apparently, your Dad and I say, "Oh, No!" a lot and you have started putting both of your hands on your head.  You have started signing the word, "please."  You know what to do when we say, "Sit down" or "Stand up".   

You are still saying da da da da da da,  na na na na, mum mum mum, ba, ba, ba, ro, ro, ro, and no, no, no.  You make several other sounds that I'm not sure how to describe.  We love hearing you jabber. You still  yell out in excitement.

We love watching you wave and dance - so...cute!  You love dancing and anytime you hear music you bust out your moves.   You love waving.  You wave really easily and at everyone.  You play patty cake and shake your head back and forth (you're not saying "no", it's more of a dance move).  You make a cute "scrunchy" face.  You point at things and point and wave and say, "No, no, no."  -Apparently I say the word No a lot.

 You are wearing 12 month onesies, but 3-6 month jeans.

You are giving the sweetest hugs and kisses lately.

You are still eating a lot!  You are still taking 4 bottles per day - approx 16-18 oz.   You are eating cereal and a fruit in the am, and a fruit and a vegetable,yogurt, and cottage cheese at lunch, and a fruit and a vegetable, macaroni or pasta, and a meat  in the evening.   I am still preparing everything.   You are eating avocados, sweet potatoes, bananas, carrots, peas, green beans, peaches, apples, pears, spinach, broccoli, pasta, macaroni, ground turkey, chicken and puffs.  I added macaroni, ground turkey, and chicken this past month.  You love your sippy cup.

I tried again a while later, but you still didn't want anything to do with getting your picture taken

You are still wearing a size 3 diaper, but I have just started putting you in a size 4 at bedtime.  Diaper changes have actually been better lately.  You are starting to listen to the word, "No."
Some of the toys you played with this past month was a lady bug that lights up and talks, scooter type toy, balls, a car that you push around, opening and closing everything, and Elmo.  Still, your favorite thing by far was crawling around and pulling yourself up.  You are walking around the furniture.  You have started to let go of things and have taken a couple of steps, but not walking, yet.  You will hold our hand(s) and walk.

You had some separation anxiety last month in the nursery, but once we're gone, you calm down.  

Your eyes look a little darker this month - dark grey/blue.
Your hair is blonde.

You keep getting more and more fun.

You are sleeping about 11 1/2 hours per night.   You go to sleep pretty easily, thankfully.  You stay awake 2 1/2-4 hours at a time now. Naps changed again this past month.  You have been sleeping about an hour for your 1st nap, but only 20-30 min for your second nap. 
You had 4 teeth come in this past month - two on the top and two more on the bottom.  You now have 6 teeth.

I had to take you to the doctor for allergies - poor thing, they're moderate to severe.  You are on 2 medicines, hopefully they kick in soon. You've had a runny nose for 2 weeks straight, thankfully you haven't had any other symptoms.  
You are usually a pretty happy baby.  You are quite the ham - you love having everyone's attention and you smile at everyone.   Everyone comments how happy you are and how long your eye lashes  are.

You are definitely more interested in playing these days

You are our sweet, precious gift from God.
We love you!  Happy 11 months


  1. Oh Hudson, is such a handsome boy and a smart one at that! :) I am so impressed with his knowledge of his eyes and mouth! yay!

  2. Aww, what a sweet little guy. He's a big little guy too. Size 12 onesies? Riley is two months shy of 2 years old and still wears 12 month onesies ... but then again he's a bit on the shorter side.


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