Wednesday, August 21, 2013

1st Day of School

Today was Hudson's first day of preschool.  It's more of a Kids Day Out or Mother's Day Out.  He's still a little too young for preschool.  Our church calls it The Great Escape.   I've been calling it school.  He looks like a little boy to me.  
Yes, I have been painting this sign for a week or so.  (Pitiful, I know).  Love pinterest ideas

 We had been talking about going for a while and talking it up.  We have been praying with him about it.  He wanted to walk up all the steps by himself and then walked right into the room and started playing with the kitchenette and I signed him in and said, "Goodbye, Hudson."  but he didn't hear me and I snuck out.  I heard one of the teachers offer him some cheerios and then he looked around and realized I wasn't there and started crying.  We signed him up for school because of his terrible separation anxiety.  He loses it every weekend for church  and every other Thursday for my Mom's group.  We hope going to school 2 days a week will help.  His teachers are so...nice and sweet and loving.  I think after a couple of weeks he will adjust and love it.  The teachers actually gave a great report when I picked him up.  They said he was only upset the first 15 min, but did great after that.  I'm praying that continues.
Love this little guy so much!
A couple of the MANY outtakes. 

Some things for me to remember:  
*21 months
*Food Loves: cherries, strawberries, Greek yogurt, spaghetti, raisins, bread, apples, ice cream, popsicles, ice...
*Food Dislikes:  most vegetables, but I can bargain with him to get him to eat a little bit
*Loves:  swings, slides, jungle gyms, tractors, trains, airplanes, trucks, baths, swimming, Curious George, Dinosaur Train
*Does Not Like:  sitting in car seat for too long, sitting in stroller for more than a couple of minutes, not getting his way


  1. Ashley what an adorable little man he the outtakes..I admire how you take time to take note to remember the moment..they definitely grow too fast.many blessings to and your family..mel z

    1. Thanks, Mel! Miss you! You're a great nurse. I remember the day Mara was born.

  2. Awesome post Ash. Glad to hear he had a good first day at Southland!

  3. ohmygosh! So cute! That's great he's going to "school". I'm sure he'll grow to love it.

    1. Thanks, Grace! I think he will end up loving school, too.

  4. He is so adorable! Love his hair! Hope "school" goes well for him.


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