Saturday, August 10, 2013

Beach Bums

Whew!!!  We've had an incredibly busy month.  It's been mostly fun, but a stressful too (I'll go into that on another post).  We just got back from Florida a few hours ago.  We had a great time!   We're sad it's over already.  We shared a condo with my parent's and my brother and his family had their own condo.   The weather was perfect.  We just love the beach!  Love my boys!
The obligatory writing in the sand picture
First picture from the trip - Hudson loved running over the walkway and seeing all the cars below.
 First time in the ocean.  We literally got checked into the condo, changed our clothes and ran down to the beach as fast as possible.
Hudson loving the water!
Hudson wasn't too excited to pose in a picture with me - he wanted down and in the water.

My sweet boy playing in the sand
Getting ready to go out to dinner
Day 2 - we hit the beach early
Grandpa taking Hudson down to the shore
Hudson seemed to like the pool better than the ocean most of the time
Grandpa and Gabe
Water baby!  We did some fun night swimming.
Jasmine just turned 2 and did great in the water- she was miss independent and definitely a water baby!
I'll post more pictures later.   I have a month's worth of blogging to catch up on.


  1. Looks like fun! Kaylee definitely liked the pool better than the beach.

  2. How fun! Great picture of the three of you. Yes, waiting to see what's all happened with you this past month :)


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