Monday, August 18, 2014

1st Day of School

Today was Hudson's 1st day of school and he did GREAT!  He was really excited and did great at drop off.  He is in the Kangaroom Room this year.  He even wore big boy underwear and pottied before class started.  
Such a big boy.  He wanted to style his hair a little differently today, so we went for more of a spikey look.  I also let him choose between 1 of 3 outfits and he chose his orange dinosaur outfit.
He wanted to sit for a minute
Class getting ready to start - Ms. Tasha standing there with the blonde hair is his teacher.  She's great.

My little boy is growing up.  So proud that he had such a great day.


  1. that's awesome. how long is his kindergarten class? half or full day?

  2. He's so cute! Love your family picture!


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