Thursday, August 21, 2014

Family Pictures

Our wonderful friend and neighbor took some precious family pictures for us earlier this week.  She's so talented and I really love all of them.  They're so special to me.  We started in our other neighbor's backyard because it is so pretty and well landscaped.  We're in the midst of the 5th wettest August on record, so everything still looks beautiful and green instead of dry, brown and crunchy.
Here's a handful of my favorites, although it was really hard to narrow them down, she did such a good job.  I love the colors and lighting in all the pictures, you'd think she was a professional.

We really do feel blessed beyond measure.  I love Hudson's face in this picture - cracks me up.  

We were having to come up with some action shots to keep Hudson's interest.
Brian was actually blowing raspberries on Beckett's stomach, but it ended up looking like a really sweet kissing picture.
I love Beckett's eye color in this picture - he's got such pretty blue eyes

I really love this one.
I'm sure you'll see a lot of these on our Christmas card this year.


  1. Loved them all. You're all so photogenic and that color definitely looks great on you Ashley.

  2. These are so cute! I love your photo session- I especially like Beckett's expression in the one of just you and him. (And PS, you look amazing!)

    1. So glad you have a blog now. His facial expression does crack me up.


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