Saturday, August 9, 2014

Super Saturday

Today was Super Saturday in Lexington.  KET (local PBS) hosted The Cat in the Hat and Steve Songs.  We registered Hudson earlier in the week.  Brian took him and I stayed home with Beckett.  Brian met up with our friends, Matt and Sarah and their two little girls, Hannah and Clara.   Hudson had a great time.  Brian said the place was packed and the line to see The Cat in the Hat was way too long so they did other things. The kids are dancing to Steve Songs --sweet little Hannah on the left.
There was a lot of different activities for the kids - face painting, dancing, crafts, a chance to see bugs and birds,...   Brian thought the owl in this picture was fake until it finally turned it's head.
Hudson got to sit in Lexington's biggest fire truck.  It weighs 90,000 pounds and the ladder can reach up to the 8th story of a building.  
I'm glad they had such a good time.  

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