Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pretty Sheri Mommy Girl

January 2004--Sheri, Me, Kara, and Cheryl--only a few weeks after I had met these wonderful girls-
ski trip to Bittersweet

Carley, Kara, Cheryl, Me, Julie and Sheri at Summer's wedding -?2005

Back row:  Nikki, Kara, Leah -Front row:  Cheryl, Carley, Me, Sheri -at Julie's wedding 
dinner rehearsal August 2005

Brad, Addie and Sheri - at our wedding 12-9-06 -Brad officiated and Sheri was one of my beautiful bridesmaids- if Addie was just a little bit older, she would have been my flower girl -I copied this picture from her facebook page
Sheri and her sweet son Drew -Nov 2007

Brian and Drew -I added this picture because I think it's really sweet

Back row:  Nikki and Julie;  Front row:  Drew, Cheryl and Me -my house Nov 2007

Troy, Brad (Sheri's husband), Josh, and Andy

Brad and Sheri --copied this picture from her facbook page, so it's not the clearest,
but they are quite a cute couple

I have decided to let my girlfriends know how much they mean to me, so over the next few months I am going to do a post on all of them.  So... Here I go!

I instantly fell in love with Sheri when I met her back in January of 2004.  She radiates love and joy all the time.  She is one of my go-to girls for everything.  She always has time for my random calls, unfortunately I'm usually complaining about something.  When I have a prayer request, she is at the top of my list.  She has been with me through many ups and downs and always reminds me of God's love and grace.  Even though she is only two years older than me, she is a million times wiser (although, I don't consider myself wise at all).  I love that her best friend is Jesus and that her wonderful husband Brad married Brian and me.  I was blessed to be in the delivery room with her when she had Addie -one of the highlights of my life - and blessed that she was one of my bridesmaids.  She is an amazing mother to the beautiful Addie and sweet Drew.  -I have a lot of nicknames for my friends, and Sheri's nickname  kept growing.  It went from Pretty girl to Pretty Sheri Girl to Pretty Sheri Mommy Girl when she became pregnant with Addie.  In return, she has nicknamed me Ashley Love.  Makes me want to change my middle name.  I couldn't ask for a better friend. 
Sheri, you are such a blessing!    -Thanks for all the great memories!  

"I thank my God every time I remember you." Philippians 1:3

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  1. Beautiful Ashley Love, (you humbly left out the beautiful title but it is VERY important and VERY true!)

    You brought tears to my eyes! I am the one who has been so blessed that God has brought us together as friends! You are a constant support and encouragement to me even many miles away! I love that we can pick up where we left off when we get together or talk on the phone :) I'm so glad that we are sisters in Christ! I love you so much!!! (and I really like the ring of "Ashley Love Craw" :)


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