Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lake Cumberland

Micki and Shawn at dinner at Giovanni's - 1st night
Todd & Kristin at dinner
Todd enjoyed this sign
Start of Day 2 on the lake 
Chris and Amanda and Micki and Shawn
This is what happened when I drove the pontoon - we hit wake from a speed boat and
Amanda and Chris got drenched
King of the World!
Notice Shawn's red back? -ouch!
Shawn redneck skiing - notice that only his arm was out of the water
- we had a pontoon, not a skiboat, did not have skiis or an inner tube, but decided to try out 
hanging onto a rope and being pulled - hence the term:  Redneck Skiing - 
believe it or not, no one had anything to drink
Kristin - she actually did pretty well
Chris giving it a try -the backward method worked well for breathing
Todd eating some wake
And of course I wanted to try it

 We had a great weekend at Lake Cumberland with Micki and Shawn, Amanda and Chris, and Kristin and Todd.  Brian, Todd, Shawn and I went down early on Friday to take most of our supplies and for the guys to play some golf.  The other 4 met us later.  We enjoyed pizza at Giovanni's our first night and then went  back to our cabin and hung out together.  The next day we rented a pontoon and cruised around Lake Cumberland.  -We took several videos:  me attempting to dive and Amanda redneck skiing were my favorites, but I was unable to download the videos.  We had a great day together and then went back to the cabin for the evening and grilled hamburgers and hotdogs and played games and hung out.  Fun Weekend!


  1. Looks like SO much fun! Glad you had perfect weather and a great time!

  2. Shawn and I had SO much fun! I haven't laughed that hard in a while. Great company! Thanks, Ashley and Brian, for organizing such a fun weekend.


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