Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Baby Love: 36 wks

Pregnancy Highlights

Due Date:  11/18/11
Gestational Age:  36 5/7 wks

Once again, excuse the pitiful outfit -I'm all about comfort after work.  I could also use a spray on tan.  I'm pretty proud of myself, I'm still working full-time.  I'm hopefully planning on working right up until the end.
Size of baby:  About 20" and weighed 6 pounds at my ultrasound today - which is perfect.  He is in the 38th percentile.  I'd rather him be a little on the small side.  
 Morning sickness:  Finally Gone!!  It only took 28 wks of pregnancy for me to feel good and start enjoying being pregnant.  
 Total weight gain/loss:  10 pounds ~ I'm not really crazy about admitting that, but I want to document and remember as much as possible.  I've been pretty fortunate in that I haven't had any swelling in my legs, but unfortunately my face is quite full.  This may sound crazy, but I'm really looking forward to pounding it out on my treadmill again and I also have several DVD work-out sets I will also be using.
Maternity Clothes:  Oh, yeah - I'm finally in maternity clothes.  I have some wonderful friends that have loaned me some clothes, so I haven't had to buy much.   Thankfully my scrubs still fit, so I'm hoping they last another 3 weeks. 
Gender:  Boy!  Hudson Lee  --My dad, Brian's dad, and his brother all have Lee as their middle names, so we thought it would be nice to include all of them.
Highlights of the week:  1.  Ultrasound today.  He is growing well and is the perfect size -so thankful!.  2.  I have another shower on Sunday -I'm really looking forward to hanging out with my girlfriends.  3.  Nursery is 95% complete.  I have one last thing to buy and then I will post pictures.  4.  Had a great date last Friday night with Brian.  We are going on a weekly date until Hudson arrives.  We're taking advantage of our last few weeks as just the two of us. 
Lowlights of week:  1. ???Hmm...  Thankfully I can't think of anything. 

 Here is what I looked like at 25 wks -
 Whoa!  I've really gotten big!


  1. Hi Ashley,
    It is soooo good to see you and get an update on your pregnancy. I am so excited for you and Brian. What a journey. The Lord has blessed you indeed :) Enjoy the remaining weeks of your pregnancy, I'm glad to hear you feel better physically. You look GREAT! Can you email your address so I can send a gift? Much Love, Cindy Lees

  2. can't wait to see little hudson!! thinking about you and praying for a great delivery:)

  3. Cute!!!!! Enjoy the end ... It will be over quickly... I had already had Evan at this point... (35 wk) ! You never know when.... :) good luck!!!! -Megan


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