Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Fun Weekend

Two weekends ago we were back in Indiana.  Chris and Brittney flew in from Texas.  We had such a great time hanging out with everyone.  Too bad the time went really fast.    
We met my parents for breakfast.  I finally have a picture with my mom
Why did we take pictures in the parking lot?
From left to right:  Me, Brian, Melissa, Michael, Grandpa C, Grandma C, Chris and Brittney
Brian's parents are included in next picture ---Why am I holding my stomach in all the pictures?  Notice how big I've gotten?
That was the last weekend I could travel - now we're homebound until Hudson makes his appearance, hopefully less than 4 weeks away.

I know I've been a bad blogger, I've been so busy and exhausted.  I would love to do 1 more pregnancy update before Hudson arrives.  I also need to do a couple more things in the nursery and then I'll post pictures.    I'm slowly feeling stressed just typing this thinking of everything I have left to do. 

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  1. Don't stress out! Just do what has to be done for that day and then tackle tomorrow's work tomorrow. Hudson won't care if his nursery is ready when he arrives :)
    Hoping these next few weeks go well for you. I know it's hard because you just want this part to be over and to meet your little man, but enjoy every minute. Everyone told me how fast time flies, and I nodded and smiled, but now I realize how fast it does go by. Noel is FIVE now!
    Get some rest, take care of yourself (and Brian and Hudson) and the rest will fall into place!


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