Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fall Y'all!

Today actually feels like fall.  It's only 70 degrees with a nice, cool breeze and just gorgeous.  We decided to take a long walk on one of the trails near our house and it was so lovely and peaceful.  Only a handful of people were out, which is surprising.   I love Lexington -it's just so pretty. 
Hudson on the left and Beckett on the right.  Beckett passed out after about 10 minutes on the trail.  
When we were done, we stopped at the school and let Hudson play for a little while.

I tried covering Beckett's bald head up, since it was a little cool.  He was trying to wake up in this picture, but just couldn't keep his eyes open.
Football season is here!!  Yay!!  So thankful for the beautiful day!


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