Sunday, September 14, 2014

Great Weekend

We're having the best weekend!  Friday night a group of our friends came over and we had tacos and hung out for a while.  It's so fun watching all the kids interact and play together.
 Saturday we went to Evan's Orchard for their Apple Festival.  We met a few friends there, as well.

My favorite picture from the day - the clouds look so ominous.  Fall has definitely showed up.  It was cool -maybe 60 degrees that morning, but when the wind picked up, it definitely felt chilly.

Mr. Attitude?
Beckett did awesome!  He slept the entire time.
Hayride- but we ran out of time
Play land
Picking some apples - my 2nd favorite picture
Such a gorgeous area
Me and my littles
Hudson may or may not have sampled an apple
I love my little country boy/lumberjack.  I got his boots last year at a garage sale.
Hudson was just a little too short to really pedal
Big fun slide

Hudson was a little apprehensive going down the big slide by himself, but he mustered up the courage and did it and really enjoyed being a big boy
Hudson's favorite thing was the giant air pillow.  He jumped for a good 20+
Eli and Hudson
We shared 2 apple pies and they were so...delicious!  And we bought a bunch of apple donuts and and a small bag of apples that we picked.
Such a fun day!!

We went to church Saturday night so we could get up early and go to Raven Run Nature Sanctuary on Sunday.  It was such a beautiful drive there and such a gorgeous day.  
Raven Run is a nature preserve with over 10 miles of hiking trails and a few end up at the Kentucky River Palisades.  It's about 25 minutes from our house.  It was the first time we've been there, and we're definitely going back.  We would've loved to have seen the palisades, but the hike was 4+ miles and we decided that was just too long for a 2 year old.
The weather was incredible- about 65 degrees.
I love this old barn.
We stuck with an easy trail.  Hudson found plenty of walking sticks - a boy and his sticks.
Yes, Hudson has on the same jacket, jeans, and boots from Saturday.   I figured he was going to get muddy, so why not wear clothes from the previous day.
Love my little boys.
Crossing the creek
Playing in the creek
Attempt at a family picture
I was trying to include Beckett in a few more pictures - I wasn't paying attention that you couldn't actually see his face.  He did great again and slept the entire time.
Hudson saw this bench and told us he needed a nap.  
Pretty background -another attempt at a family picture
Such a lovely weekend and so much fun.  I'm thankful Hudson is getting to a really good age to get out and do stuff and thankful that Beckett is really easy going and easy to take places.


  1. That all looks so fun! I loved the clouds from your apple orchard outing and I loved the picture from Sunday, the one where your husband and Hudson are playing with sticks. That's a pretty cool picture. Hudson looks so cozy in his outfit. The leaves are beginning to change here but it's still a bit too warm. Hopefully this warm weather will end soon. Take care.

  2. Looks like fun! I love that first picture too. I'm sad we don't get to go to Boyd Orchard this year so thanks for sharing your trip :)

    1. Miss you, Kristin!! I wish we could get a 3rd year pic of our kids. :(


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