Friday, September 26, 2014

Quick Trip

Last weekend we made a quick trip to Indiana.  Brian's grandparents leave for Florida in a few weeks, so we wanted to see them before they left and we had some friends fly in from California that we wanted to see.

Brian's grandparents are so sweet and loved meeting Beckett.
Love this picture of Beckett smiling at Great Grandma
Wish Chris, Brittney, and Cooper were in this picture
Cupcake making with Nana
I think Hudson spent more time sampling the batter and frosting than actually making cupcakes
Family get together
My Grandpa came by my parent's house later in the day, so he could meet Beckett.  
My Grandpa looks a little shocked.
Beckett did great sitting on his lap - just sat and enjoyed the company
We got the 3 adults smiling and neither kid looking at the camera - that was the best picture we could get

This is the house I grew up in.  I wanted to stop and take a picture.  It has a great front porch.  We had a swing on the left side and swung on it daily.  We still love and miss that old house.  It's around 130-140 years old.  
Racing with all the kids
Hudson and Nakoa - neither one of them was very happy about sitting for a picture.  Brian tried telling Hudson to enjoy getting to sit next to a pretty girl
We got back Monday afternoon and were still pretty tired on Tuesday - so tired that Beckett and Hudson actually fell asleep on me.  I was savoring the moment because Hudson has never fallen asleep on me, so it was a sweet moment.
  Love his little eyelashes in this picture

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  1. Very nice. Hudson all of a sudden is looking older. They're both so cute!


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