Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Hudson Lately

Hudson daily cracks us up.  Lately he's been calling himself, "Super Hudson!" and runs around saving the day. I love his little imagination.  
Hudson also loves playing Hide and Seek.  When it's his turn to hide, he's usually on his bed under covers and sits and giggles.  Here he is in plain sight hiding from me.  A lot of the time when it's our turn to hide, he wants to tell us where to hide.  

Such a funny little guy.  We just love him so much.


  1. Hudson's so cute. Had me laughing. I agree, their imagination and innocence is so wonderful and precious. I often like to just stare at Riley when he's playing. Also, whenever I'm feeling worn down and I get a hug from him well, there's nothing better than that. A child's love is pure and sincere and never judgmental.

    1. Thanks, Grace! It really is a sweet, precious time of innocence and love.


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