Monday, November 1, 2010

Best Wishes Nikki and Justin

  We got to go back home and celebrate Nikki and Justin's wedding this past weekend. We had the best time.  Unfortunately, we were only in Indiana for about 16 hours and that includes sleeping.  We loved seeing everyone.    Every time we go home, it reminds me how much I love and miss everyone.  Here are some pictures from the evening.  
Pretty Sheri Girl and her precious daughter Addie --love these two so much
Brad and Drew --Drew really is Brad's Mini-Me
Sweet Kara and Shane - they got to enjoy an evening out without the babies
Cutie Brody was on the move, so I didn't get the clearest quality photo-he had the best time dancing - such a sweetie!
 Reagan just had a sucker (hence the blue lips) - she also loved dancing!
All my girls!!  Rachel (I actually just met her that night), Sheri (and Drew), Cheryl, Me, Kara, Julie, --Leah (and Brody), Laura, and Julie
Sheri and Me
The beautiful bride and me
Reminds me of an awkward family photo
Julie and Nikki
Cheryl and Nikki
The sweet little flower girl wanted in our picture
Us after the wedding
Best Wishes Nikki and Justin - Thanks for inviting us to celebrate your special day!  We wish you a lifetime of happiness

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  1. It was WONDERFUL to see you!!! I don't realize how MUCH I miss you until you come home!


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