Sunday, November 28, 2010

Christmas with Brian's Grandparents

After my parents left our house, Brian and  I packed up and went to his parent's house so we could spend Christmas with his grandparents.  They are snowbirds and spend their winter in Florida so we always celebrate early - usually in October.  The party was held at Brian's parents' church.   I love their small, country church.  I love that everyone knows each other and it does have more of a family appeal.  I love our church and our small group, but I do wish  we knew more people.  I think we had about 25 people there.  It's so great hanging out with family!  We're so thankful!
Brian's grandparents front row;  Brian's Dad, Uncle Steve, and Aunt Elaine
Chris is missing :(        -thankfully he has a great girlfriend and friends in Houston
Brian playing with Tori
I just couldn't bring myself to do my hair so it went into a ponytail and thankfully tights are in style now.  My stomach is too tender for jeans, so I wore a sweater dress with tights. 
We had an unexpected surprise at our house Friday morning - Snow!
 We've been off work the past 5 days and it has been perfect!  This was a much needed break.  We've been going non-stop for the past several months.

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