Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Top 10 Things I Love About Indiana

10. Corn Fields -- I love seeing corn fields everywhere -and the memories from childhood associated with running through corn fields
9.  Flatness  -- Never in a million years would I have guessed  I could miss flatness - we definitely miss driving on nice straight, flat roads 
8.  Snow --  Another thing I never thought I would miss - I really only miss it until January 1st- but it is really nice having snow at Christmas-  All of the winters we've had since we've been in Kentucky have been mostly rainy- don't get me wrong, it does snow some, but not like Indiana
7.  Thunderstorms --I love Storms !!  and  I love being able to sit on your front porch and watch a storm roll in - once again, don't get me wrong, Kentucky obviously has storms, but none have compared to some of the one's we've experienced in Indiana --also, odd - but I miss a good 'ole tornado watch or warning
6.  Sunsets - I love sitting on a front porch and watching the sunset
5.  IU Basketball --I have been a fan of not only basketball, but all things IU since before I was born.  I admit it, I miss Bobby Knight
4.  Friday Night Football Games  --I miss supporting my Lewis Cass Kings on Friday nights--I have also been a Kings fan since before I was born
3.  The Colts!!  No need to explain
2. I love this sign  - it reminds me that my parent's house is only 25 minutes away -- makes me smile every time I see it
and just in case one sign isn't enough, they have a second on the other side
1.  And obviously, the #1 thing I love about Indiana -- my family and friends --I'm so blessed to have such wonderful people in my life

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