Wednesday, January 12, 2011

1/2 Bath Remodel -After

And After Pictures:
This hand blown glass light pendant was the inspiration behind the bathroom ~ we bought it in Venice, Italy - Murano Island.    We love that it's a memento from our much loved vacation.  For half of a year we have been trying to figure out where to use it.  (If/When we move we're taking it with us because we love it and because it cost too much to leave behind)
I wanted to get a couple of pictures before the mirror went in.  I was trying to avoid having me in the picture
We love the color it's Morning Fog -the pictures makes it look a little blue, but it's more of a gray - thankfully Sherwin Williams has great primer and paint - it took care of the horrible sand texture
the toilet is new.  the floor is not.
 Eventually I'll find something to hang in here
We repainted the vanity, but put in a new sink, faucet and hardware.  We're really happy with the marble backsplash -it looks great against the gray walls, it has little streaks of gray
Finally the new mirror
During pictures:


  1. Beautiful! Looks like Brian is quite the handyman! :)

  2. Wow! That looks amazing! Great work!!!


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