Friday, January 21, 2011


I worked a half day and Brian left early so we went sledding since we got 4 more inches last night.  We have a gigantic hill right outside our neighborhood and we've never taken advantage of it.  After work I bought two sleds (there were only 4 left -3 round ones and 1 infant toboggan).  We had so much fun! was the hardest work out I've had in a year!!  We were huffin and puffin.  When we left I actually felt sick- nauseated and shaky.  I had to come home and lie down for a little while.  (I guess I need to push harder in my workouts).   It was so...cold approx 17 degrees, but thanks to the hard climb and heavy gear, I never felt cold.  The pictures don't do the hill justice.  The first video is of Brian (please ignore my annoying voice) and the second one is of me and shows me wiping out. 

Here are a few pictures and video:

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