Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Happy Belated Birthday, Melissa

I'm so sorry, Melissa!  I forgot to post yesterday.  I worked and then went out to dinner with friends, came home, and then went to bed.  ---Anyway... Happy Birthday!  I hope yesterday was an awesome day for you.  You're a great sister-in-law!  You have such a great heart!  I wish we lived closer.  It's always great hanging out with you and Michael.  I'm hopeful for big things this year for you.
I'm not sure if that's Chris or Brian you're with, but I'm sure you know - you could always tell which one was which--I love that you two are sitting in a box--too cute
 Cruise -April 2009
Mary's Birthday Weekend -August 2010
And of course- The Happiest Day of Your Life --August 25, 2007 --I love this picture of the two of you
Happy Birthday!! 

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