Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Flashback Wednesday

Last night I saw one of my old containers in our spare closet, so I  pulled it out and it was filled with pictures.  It was so fun looking through them!   I thought I'd post the first few pictures I pulled out.  I really don't know how any of them are related-they span over a 15 year period - they were all lumped together.    A few are definitely embarrassing!

I was a Pinto in little league - I think I was 10 or 11 in this picture -what a goofy hat! "Pinto" -what a terrible name!  Love my pearl earrings!  1991 or 1992
This was my sophomore year picture.  One of my friends made me that necklace, I was so proud of it.  Thank goodness my writing has improved since then.  -1996-1997

Brittany -this was the first picture I pulled out, so I had to post it.  Look how cute you and Kyle are- high school sweethearts! You guys have been together half your lives.  That's awesome!    -1999
New Year's Eve 1999-I can't remember whose house this was at.  I'm top left.  Mark kissing the deer cracks me up!
5 year class reunion - this picture brings back a lot memories- it's funny, I was in preschool with some of those girls.  I'm on the left again- 2004


  1. Ha ha! Love the pictures! The New Year's party was at Heather's house. :) Love it!

  2. it is so crazy that we have been together so long. so thankful:)
    love the pictures!
    time flies so fast!!

  3. Hello Ashley!! It's Megan (Hamilton) Bennett... found your blog from a link on Abrah's.... so cute! You look like you are doing great!! Had to laugh at the pics you posted ... I love that New Year's Eve one! hilarious! :) Glad you are doing so well!! Take care!!!!!


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