Saturday, September 29, 2012


This morning Brian and I ran our first 5K in years.  Actually, this was Brian's first ever 5K.  Last night at 8 pm I told Brian I was going to do the Refuge For Women race and he said he would do it with me.  I had been thinking about doing the race for the past month and then last night I finally decided to commit.  I worked out a couple days this past week on the treadmill, but would not call it training at all.  We started out walking, but then decided that we could run.  We maybe ran about half the race.  Poor Brian had to push the stroller - I need to find a cheap/used jogging stroller.  I'm not even going to list my time because it is terribly embarrassing - next time I am going to train for it.  The Refuge is a house that offers a new start to women leaving the sex industry.  It's one of the ministries of our church.  Women live in the house for up to a year and get loved on, mentored, counseled, job training, help getting their GED, bible studies, parenting help,..   It's a great ministry that has helped many women.  
After the race - Hudson survived his first 5K - It was about 60 degrees when the race started, so that's great running weather, but I was pretty chilled both before and after the race
Hudson kept pointing and waving at the CFA cow, but when he came over to get a picture with us, Hudson wasn't so sure about him anymore
Amanda, Chris, and Alex - Amanda did great - she didn't train at all 
A few of the ladies in my Mom's Group - Me, Kristin, Billie (Did Amazing - was in the top 5 for our age group), Sarah (35 wks pregnant- Wow!), and Amanda -- We had a lot more women from my Mom's group run the race, but I don't have any pictures of them.
It was a really fun race and supports a great cause.  I'm not sure how much money they raised, but I hope it was a lot. 

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  1. wow. i admire people that run because I can't. It causes me to get really bad headaches. it doesn't matter how long it took you to finish the point is that you stuck to it until the end. good for you.
    weather in the 60's. awesome. still in the high 90's here :(


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