Tuesday, September 18, 2012

First Time Out On The Lake

Sunday afternoon one of our neighbors let us borrow his pontoon.  All summer long, he kept telling us we could borrow it anytime we wanted and we finally took him up on it.  We have lived in our neighborhood for 5 years now and have never been out on the lake, so it was really fun getting to explore and see a new side of it.  I brought a bottle and puffs to keep Hudson occupied in case he was bored.  He did really well and seemed to have a great time, too.  It was 72 degrees - perfect!!!  We were only out for about an hour.  We can't wait to go back out.  

Hudson was dancing in this picture

I wanted a turn driving it, too

I love the weeping willow tree in the background -they're one of my favorite trees

We only saw 2 other boats out on the lake - we pretty much had it to ourselves 
Such a fun day!  


  1. awesome place that you live in. how fun! was it easy to drive it? Hudson dancing ... super cute! made me smile.

    I love weeping willows too. We planted one at our house in N Dallas.

  2. Thanks! The pontoon was really easy to drive.


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