Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Decorations

We love Christmas!  We love celebrating the birth of Jesus, being with our family, Christmas Eve candlelight service, traditions, decorating, snow, driving around looking at Christmas lights, and buying gifts for people.  We decorated our house early this year (weekend before Thanksgiving) because we have something going on every weekend and nearly every day until Christmas.

I'm using these candle holders as centerpieces.  I think they're so cute.  They hold tea-light candles.
Here is one side of our bookcases - I just bought the church this year -it's so pretty lit up - I couldn't fit our stocking holders on our mantle, so I put them on our bookcases
 Here's the other side of our bookcases- I guess  I have a mild obsession with snowmen
I love Christmas lights and will put them anyplace I can - I didn't realize the tree on the right was leaning until I saw this picture and the next

I made this wreath about a month ago~I'm still debating if it needs a little something extra

I made this garland for our mantle last year - I should have hidden the lights better
I didn't realize you could see me in the green and silver ornaments
Here's a lame picture of our outside lights- this picture doesn't do it justice - it looks like more lights in person-  I should have gotten out my nicer SLR for better quality

We have our tree up and I was planning on taking a picture, but when we got home tonight, a strand of lights was off.  I'll post additional pictures later.  

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!!!


  1. So pretty, Ash! Great job!!!!

  2. I LOVE your Christmas decorations! I wish I had your decorating talent... Thanks for sharing!


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