Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas in Indiana

This past weekend we had Christmas at Brian's parents.  We got up there Friday afternoon and went to Ivanhoe's for dinner and ended up running into our Chapel Hill friends ~ it was great and shocking ~Dave, Beth, Noel, and Elise;  Scott, Robin, Kendall, and Grant;  and Randy, Angie, Megan and Mason.  We hung out for about an hour.   We loved catching up with everyone.   Later Friday evening Chris and Brittney arrived.  Indiana is quite shockingly cold for a Texas girl, hopefully she'll come back.  Saturday we drove over to Purdue and met Doug for lunch.  Sunday we celebrated Christmas and opened stockings and presents.  We had a great weekend!  Brian's family is so great!  We wish we could see everyone more frequently~too bad we're all so far away from each other. 
Friday night Brian and I were messing around waiting for Chris and Brittney to show up.  Mary has a Purdue and Colts snuggie.  
Messing around with Charlie
The three dogs getting along
Indy sits wherever he wants
are we really this pale?
Melissa and Michael
The newly engaged couple -Chris and Brittney - wish I had gotten a picture of Brittney's beautiful ring ~ we can't wait for their wedding next June
Indy helping us clean up after presents
We love spending time with family!

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  1. Aww...sweet times with family! There is nothing more precious!!!


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