Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas in Indiana Part Two

Wednesday Brian and I drove to Indiana again to spend two days with my family.  Once again, we had a great time.  My mom made a delicious breakfast Thursday morning and my Grandpa and Aunt Marion and Uncle Denny came over, also.  I just love hanging out with my parents.  Here are a  few pictures:
My brother's girlfriend has two sweet kids.  This is Tylene showing off  a music box she got for Christmas

My dad with Wyatt
My mom and dad
My mom is talking in the next pix - we took several group shots, some with my camera and some with my brothers and this was the best one I ended up with - Wyatt was excited to show off his pillow pet and Tylene was excited to show off her music box -maybe we can get a better picture in the spring
Before heading back to Lexington, we stopped at Dave and Beth's and hung out and had pizza.  I got some cute pictures of their kids, but it's on a different sim card.  :(

Lexington is supposed to get 2-4" of snow tonight!!!  We're so excited, looks like it will be a white Christmas.
We're so thankful for this time of year! 
Merry Christmas! 

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