Sunday, December 12, 2010

Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

Last night Brian and I hosted an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.  We had so much fun!  I'm amazed I got Brian to step out of his box a little bit and not only choose an ugly sweater, but an ugly outfit.  We had a hard time finding clothes.  I thought we would be able to go to Goodwill and have lots of options.  The only sweater we found was a little kids ski sweater.  And then we found Brian really ugly green pants.  A sweet woman I work with let me borrow one of her sweaters.  I tried matching the bows on the sweater with a headband bow. 
I was going to set up with nice tablecloths, plates and stemware, but since it wasn't exactly a formal event, I went simple - vinyl tablecloth, paper plates, plastic silverware- talk about fancy.
Our little IU cheerleader- it was great, we had four Indiana University fans in our house
Indiana  beating Kentucky
Love little Charlotte
Chris and Amanda playing with Charlotte-  Adam and Julia brought a big box of ugly Christmas sweaters -how they found all of them, I have no idea- we had a hard time finding one
Brian and Adam -  What's really funny about this picture is that Brian has on green pants and red sweater and Adam is the opposite - and both have on ladies pants - Brian's pants were homemade -no tag, and little too big, he had to safety pin them up and Adam had on Liz Claiborne pants and his sweater is especially funny, it's George Washington (?) with a gun marching through the snow.  They did not plan to be so coordinated (I guess great minds think alike) - both were really good sports -Thanks for letting me take a picture
From left to Right:  Amanda, Chris, Micki, Shawn, Sarah and Hannah, Matt, Virginia, Patrick, Ashley, Kristin, Todd, Julia and Charlotte, Adam, and Brian
This last one is my favorite picture - Brian's leg cracks me up - he looks like an old man, and Patrick, Todd, and Adam have great expressions, and baby Hannah is just so happy

  My 3 favorites outfits were:  Adam, Brian and Matt (I wish you could see Matt's sweater- it has a Ribbon V-shape that leads to a big bow), although Sarah's sweater with broach and hair tie were pretty nice and Kristin, Virginia and Amanda's sweaters were just plain ugly.
Thanks to everyone that came!  You all were such good sports and thanks for letting me post pictures on my blog.  We're so thankful for our Kentucky family!  We love you all!

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  1. Enjoyed your ugly sweaters party pics....Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!


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