Monday, February 21, 2011

gifts from the past week

23.  Valentine's Day - Brian had pretty flowers delivered to my office --Love Him!
24.  My Job - I love pregnant women and working with them!  I work with such kind and loving people -from the other nurses to the sonographers to our receptionists to the doctor I work for -it's a great family atmosphere.
25.   Friday -I love Fridays!  I'm usually off every third Friday, but thankfully, even the ones I do work are only 1/2 days.  This past Friday was a great day at work and when I left, it was 66 and sunny!
26.  Gym Membership - The doctor I work for has paid for a membership for Brian and me at Urban Active
27.  Windows Open - It has been warm enough to get some fresh air in the house
28.  For the past week, our furnace has not been on much.
29.  Saturday night dates - we went to church on Saturday night and then went out to eat.  I have been craving Mexican.  It was so good!  
30.  Sunsets - I love watching the sunset.  I love seeing all the colors -red, pink, orange.  Hopefully someday we'll build a house with a big front porch that we can sit on our rockers, drink sweet tea or lemonade and watch the sunset.
31.  Grilling -  We love using our grill!  We grill several days a week in the summer and then in the winter we still grill every couple of weeks.  
32.  Full Moon - the moon has been gorgeous the past couple of days.  It's been warm enough that we've been able to go out and look at it for a while.  It starts out big and orange, then turns yellow, then white.

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